Best Floating Wall Desks Review

1. Bamboo 3 floor shelf by Lipper International
Prepac Floating Desk with Storage and Keyboard Tray
There is a great kitchen storage trick. You do not need to create one. A floating three-storey shelf by Lipper International is an excellent example.

Made of smooth and sustainable bamboo, this 10 "x 10" x 9.5 "shelf fits the corners to keep your crockery safe and convenient at all times.

2. IKEA SKOGSTA wall shelf

One of the new IKEA lines, SKOGSTA is a seriously beautiful natural wall shelf that screams out loud. Because the assembly is hidden, you can enjoy a shelf 4 feet from the wall.

3. Cubist floating wall display shelf

If your headquarters is hiring a CTO (as in Chief Tiny Organizer), the cubic wall screen of Erika Kovesdi is the best candidate.

This floating cable shelf is simple and reasonably sized and occupies minimal space, so you can get a desk space while observing sharp edges. And there's room to store a small factory with only a small selection of only $ 10:

4. Gridy mold shelf

Its slight curvature attracts your eyes and improves your upholstery while providing a compact, medium or large functional storage space.

Tie and step five of these beautiful shelves at different heights to get a full "mold" effect that grows horizontally on the trees.

5. CB2 marble wall shelf

The CB2 has a hanging wall shelf at a reasonable price, and these pieces of marble are definitely one of its most beautiful.

The clean stone and brass supports of the wall shelves cut from solid rocks add a touch of elegance to the kitchen, living room or bathroom wall.

6. Rustic pipe floating shelf

Of course, you can do DIY by floating floating shelves on Pinterest. if you have time.

Because sometimes you do not, you can not do anything DIY, but instead you can order this rustic industrial pipe shelf prefabricated on Etsy.

Although many sellers offer industrial floating shelves, the products shown above are among our favorite products. Available in weathered gray, dark walnut or ebony, this 36 "x 7.5" x 2 "floating shelf provides easy storage of up to 3 feet of books and zero buyer's remorse.

7. (Dell) Hutson Designs Coffee and Tea Racks

Made of hand-made wooden pallets, fences and barn, these lathes store the floor properly for a morning morning ritual.

And if you have the feeling of being a DIY to create a creative storage solution in your spare time, see the list of affordable wooden pallet projects that will return your home.

8. Wall bars with shelves to ground BSEID

So far, I know that wall storage is not just about books, ceramics and keys. But did you know that wall storage can work like a bar?

The wall-mounted BSEID / mini-bar shelf offers storage space for your favorite soul and a folding shelf to polish speakeasy mixing technology.

9. 3-part Laurel wall shelf, IMAX (IMAX)

Eliminate thirst with this round wall shelf. Do not become an IMAX cinema, even if the name of the manufacturer believes you.

However, they have a set of three wall shelves and a range of diameters from 16.25 "to 21.25" and are used as a complete corridor or kitchen solution. Especially if you are looking for an intelligent way to save a lot of space in your kitchen. Best Floating Wall Desks Review